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Iniquity ‎– Serenadium

Iniquity – Serenadium


  1. Tranquil Seizure
  2. Prophecy Of The Dying Watcher
  3. Serenadium
  4. Spectral Scent
  5. (Intro) Mockery Retained To Obturate
  6. Encysted And Dormant
  7. Son Of Cosmos
  8. Retorn



Thrash metal three-piece founded under a different name in 2003 and based out of Uddevalla, Sweden. Three albums released until today which of SCAVENGERS is the latest one out 2016 to rave reviews.

Previously toured Europe with LICH KING in 2017, VULCANO in 2016 and NUNSLAUGHTER in 2014 and played festivals like SWR Barroselas, Obscene Extreme, In Flammen, Under the Black Sun as well as Metal Magic.

The band was recently featured in Meta Hammer, Zero Tolerance Magazine, Legacy Magazine, Sweden Rock Magazine, Close-Up Magazine and Rock Tribune among others. The thrash mania has just begun!



Turbocharged just celebrated celebrating their 20:th anniversary on 2020!

From March 2000 up until the plague-ridden world of 2020 they have been struggling in their basement studio, trying to make and break new rules and regulations in their blasphemous quest for sonic chaos.

Since 2008 they have been the power trio you see today, the band saw some line-up changes along the way but eventually, the dead weight in the shape of uninterested members was shaken off and the band could begin working properly.

After two demos, “Branded forever” (2008) and “Arrogantus Metallus” (2009) they saw their first record deal float ashore from polish label Hellrocker Rekords and “AntiXtian” (LP) was released. Shortly thereafter Mexican label Chaos Records offered to release the CD version and also the following MCD “Christ Zero” and second full-length album “Area 666”.

After going on tour in 2014 the band decided to sign a new deal with German label Go Fuck Yourself Productions and together they released “Militant”, “Apocalyptic” and “Above Lords, Below Earth”, all full-length albums.

The band also had a brief collaboration with Diabolic Might Records and together they released the LP version of the 2008-2009 demos in 2016 entitled “Branded and arrogant – The early heresies”.

Throughout the years the band has toured Europe with bands like Violentor (Italy), Infest (Serbia), Slaughtbbath (Chile) and numerous local bands along the way, the band has also been playing festivals in mainly Denmark on a regular basis and made a lot of connections with the shadiest of people.

In 2020 the band got a proposal from Danish label Mighty Music and decided to step it up a notch and this brings us up to date…

The composition process for “Alpha Beast, Omega Beast”, the new Turbocharged record, has, if anything, secluded more the band in their rehearsal room and injected a renewed pace and grittiness in their sound and an even more disappointed hate dose into their lyrics. Twelve tracks were recorded, where thrash, punk and everything in between collides as a human head smashed against a wall over and over again. It’s Turbocharged as we know it, but more punk, more metal. The Motörhead and Venom power-trio legacy is well preserved in “Alpha Beast, Omega Beast”, along with a few Discharged and Exploited hints, but it’s not even that which makes the new Turbocharged such an urgent callout for the misfits of the dying societies of the world. It’s the way totally underground, DIY and fuck-off attitude, totally relatable to the hateful generation. Ronnie Ripper, the thunderous bassist and vocalist, keeps exactly the same attitude when describing the album: “It’s not too bad but don’t expect wonders from these fatties”. 

“Alpha Best, Omega God” is out now on digital, CD, and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) via Emanzipation Productions.

Ronnie Ripper: Bass / Lead vocals
Old Nick: Guitar
Freddie Fister: Drums / vocals


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Enter Thorium! The Danish death metal veterans are nearing their silver jubilee as a band but are still as vibrant as ever on the new album “Danmark”. Vocalist Michael H. Andersen has once again gathered a new crew – well, besides mr. JP on leads who has survived from the last album to fight another round – and released an album that is as old school as ever. Even down to the recording which was done live at Angioni Studios with all rhythmic instruments present, recording as a band. With small imperfections and all. And without a metronome to guide the band members. Just like in the old days. 

The music was recorded during one week in the summer of 2021. Followed by vokillz which were penned and recorded in succession, one song per day, getting that spontaneous feel of death metal of yore. Finally mixed by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studio in the autumn. Jacob had the guts to not only leave the tiny imperfections in there, but in some cases even shed spotlight on them. It’s all about prioritizing that feeling of rawness and spontaneity, akin to the band’s live sound.    

Musically, the guys do have a few tricks up their sleeves. While the backbone of the band’s utterings is still a cross between the traditional Florida bands and their Swedish counterparts, other influences are roaring their ugly, rotten heads as well. There’s some black death bashing in “Defiance” and “Nine Lives”, a driving groove in “My Decay” and “Reign the Abyss” or the eerie melodies in opener “War is coming” or “A Crown to Obscurity” recalling mid-period Hypocrisy. This is Thorium at their creative and brutal peak.  

And oh yeah, Thorium has made a virtue out of covering obscure old school death metal classics. This time they turn to their motherland. Michael Volbeat’s original DM horde Dominus is targeted with the faithful rendition of “Into the Gods” from the Astaroth demo. Keeping in line with the lyrical theme of the album “Danmark”. Dedicated to the strong, beautiful home country of the band and the proud values it was built upon so many centuries ago. 

“Danmark” was released on LP (white and red vinyls, each limited to 300 copies), CD and digital formats on April 29th, 2022.

René ”Nolder” Nielsen, December 2021

MHA – vokills
Jose Cruz – guitars
JP – guitars
Jesper – bass
Daniel – drums


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Forged in the desolate lands of Cumbria in the North West of England, Repulsive Vision sought to inject the relentless energy of punk into the merciless musicianship of OSDM to create a cacophonous amalgamation of Entombed, Carcass and Death with Discharge, Nausea and DRI.

Following the release of their debut album (“Look Past The Gore and See The Art”, Mighty Music) in 2017, the band have been prominently active on the underground extreme metal circuit performing all over mainland Europe and the United States (including performances at the following festivals: Hammerfest, Vagos Metal Fest, The Siege of Limerick, Las Vegas Death Fest, Goathell Metal Festival, etc), receiving positive reviews in several worldwide publications, garnering over 68k plays on Spotify and gathering a global fanbase.

In 2020, the band intend to provide 13 more tracks of unbridled aggression with their sophomore release, “Necrovictology” on Emanzipation Productions. Once again, composed and compiled by Matt Davidson (Guitars), Dan McEwan (Vocals), Mark Kirby (Bass) and Gary Young (Drums), Necrovictology builds upon the punk fueled foundations of the debut, progressing their material both sonically and musically, advancing in speed, clarity and technicality. A vicious 40-minute presentation of Old School Death featuring special guest performances from Phil “LandPhil” Hall (Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan), Max Otero (Mercyless), and more.

With performances planned throughout the continent (including slots in Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, etc), Repulsive Vision are planning to branch out further into the global extreme metal scene throughout 2020/21. 

Matt Davidson: guitars, vocals
Danny McEwan: vocals
Gary Young: drums
Mark Kirby: bass




Swedish old-school death metal band PUTERAEON was spawned in Alingsås, Sweden 2008 by guitarist & vocalist Jonas Lindblood (Taetre). “I started doing some oldschool riffs that took me back to my roots in death metal“, he stated. Some songs were posted on the internet and there was a big demand for demos. Jonas did all in all three demos during the time of 2008-2009. All demos were very well received within the underground. The demos got really good reviews and loads of interviews were made.

At the same time, he had contacted both Anders Malmström, drums (ex-Nominon, Prophanity, Immemoreal, ex-Inverted), and Daniel Vandija, bass (13itch). And they were persuaded to join. But all took some time.

When the band finally got together and started rehearsing, the contract with Cyclone Empire was already inked. Hasse Sörensen who was in the band a short while on guitar was replaced by Rune Foss (Exempt, Reclusion, Aggro). Finally, in early 2011, the band is all set and ready to go. “The Esoteric Order” (T.E.O) mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque @ Sonic Train studios, was an old-school Swedish death metal album, blasting with rot and phlegm.

Following the success of “T.E.O”, Puteraeon hit the stage for the first time at Överrocken in Alingsås, Sweden. During the same year, the Swedish cities Gothenburg (twice) and Finspång got haunted by the group and also the highlight Party San Open Air.

Early 2012, after a period of writing songs, Puteraeon hit the stage in Västervik (SE) in between recordings of the follow up to “T.E.O”, entitled “Cult Cthulhu” (C.C). The album was recorded with technician/producer/engineer/sound tech Kristian RZA Isaksson. The final mix and master again at Sonic Train Studios and Andy LaRoque. The album was released on June via Cyclone Empire. With the arrival of the autumn, Puteraeon made yet another visit to Gothenburg and for the first time a gig in Denmark – Aalborg metal festival. To end the year 2012 Puteraeon played (and also shoot part of the “The Azatoth Cycle” video) at the R.I.P gig at one of their hometown’s primary venues (the local governments in Sweden do not understand true culture as it was them who shut the venue down). A week later they went down to Berlin for the Nocturnus Festival vol.II.

2013 was a busy year but not releasing nor doing too many live shows. However, a small really successful mini-tour with fellow deathsters Revel In Flesh took place during early summer ending with Protzen Open Air.

2014 took a turn for the better and they part-took the infamous “Imperial Anthems” series, the number 13 in the suite. A 7″ split with Revel In Flesh (tough Puteraeon songs were recorded during 2013 by RZA as engineer). The band also recorded the “The Crawling Chaos” album at their newly created Studio Hatecraft. Mixing and mastering were again done by Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studios. The album was released by Cyclone Empire Records. Various gigs were done as well with the highlight of the year; Stockholm Death Fest!

2015 didn’t pass too quiet but was mainly focused on creating a better studio and doing a few select gigs such as opening for The Crown before they headed off to Japan and opening for Cut Up for their release fest.

2016 and no longer under the banner of a record label the group decided to finish up the creation of Studio Hatecraft. During the fall of 2016, they started recording  the “The Empires Of Death” EP. Mixing and mastering were taken care by Dan Svanö. The EP was released as a 7″ by Swedish label Growls from the Underground. During late 2017 and early 2018, five new songs were written and recorded. Same procedure; Studio Hatecraft, Dan Swanö, and Growls from the Underground. This time the format was 12″ and it was released digitally in April 2018.

In 2020 it was time to delve deeper into the mountains of madness. Puteraeon signed a deal with Emanzipation Productions and released their latest opus “The Cthulhian Pulse: Call from the Dead City”. It was a mark in the band’s discography: mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity) and cover artwork done by Juanjo Castellano (Avulsed, Order Ogan, Gates Of Ishtar), it contained ten tracks of pure Lovecraftian horror Swedish death metal.

Now in 2024, celebrating their 15th anniversary as a band, the Swedish extreme stalwarts don’t show any signs of slowing down or exploring new musical paths. Instead, they remain firmly in their bonecrushing Lovecraft-inspired death metal approach. 

Coherent with this vision, the quartet looked back at their demos and debut album and re-recorded some of their old songs for this digital EP that celebrates a decade and a half of Chtulhian terror music, with the sound being mixed and mastered once again by Dan Swanö. Five songs were chosen, from the first one Puteraeon ever wrote (“The Plague”, from their 2008 demo “Fascination For Mutilation” demo), until “Storm Over Devil’s Reef”, the opening track from the band’s 2011 debut album, with its rumbling intro and blasting velocity. “Whispers Of The Dead”, “Graverobber” (both from the second demo “The Requiem, released back in 2008), as well as “Dead Once More” (from the Re-Animator-inspired 2009 demo “The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West”) complete “Quindecennial Horror”, with Puteraeon staring firmly at the abyss, while the abyss stares back at them.

“Quindecennial Horror” is out now on all streaming services via Emanzipation Productions. 

Line up:
Jonas Lindblood: guitar & vocals
Anders Gs Malmström: drums
Daniel Vandija: bass
Rune Foss: guitar & vocals


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Pitchblack was born in Denmark in 2002 and, after a couple of demos well-received by the underground, released their debut album “Designed To Dislike” in 2007. In that same year the band was awarded with the Metal debut album of the year by MTV’s Danish Metal Awards.

Fast forward to 2010. The sophomore album “The Devilty” – their first for Mighty Music – was released, with Mercyful Fate’s HankSherman as guest playing a solo one of the tracks. The cover of the record was considered too bloody for the German authorities and was banned in that country. The attention brought by all this, together with the dirty in-your-face death/thrash metal, with obvious references to Swedish death metal, made Pitchblack debut in one of the most important stages in Denmark: Copenhell. This debut as made in 2011.

In the following year, “The Download” EP was released, because the band go the chance to play in the mythical Download Festival.

2020 will be the year of the third Pitchblack album. Named “Death & Disbelief”, it should keep applying to all The Haunted, At The Gates, Entombed and Dismember fans with a soft spot for aggressive catchiness and surprising hooks.

Storm: guitars
Daniel: vocals
Schou: drums
Dag: bass