Turbocharged just celebrated celebrating their 20:th anniversary on 2020!

From March 2000 up until the plague-ridden world of 2020 they have been struggling in their basement studio, trying to make and break new rules and regulations in their blasphemous quest for sonic chaos.

Since 2008 they have been the power trio you see today, the band saw some line-up changes along the way but eventually, the dead weight in the shape of uninterested members was shaken off and the band could begin working properly.

After two demos, “Branded forever” (2008) and “Arrogantus Metallus” (2009) they saw their first record deal float ashore from polish label Hellrocker Rekords and “AntiXtian” (LP) was released. Shortly thereafter Mexican label Chaos Records offered to release the CD version and also the following MCD “Christ Zero” and second full-length album “Area 666”.

After going on tour in 2014 the band decided to sign a new deal with German label Go Fuck Yourself Productions and together they released “Militant”, “Apocalyptic” and “Above Lords, Below Earth”, all full-length albums.

The band also had a brief collaboration with Diabolic Might Records and together they released the LP version of the 2008-2009 demos in 2016 entitled “Branded and arrogant – The early heresies”.

Throughout the years the band has toured Europe with bands like Violentor (Italy), Infest (Serbia), Slaughtbbath (Chile) and numerous local bands along the way, the band has also been playing festivals in mainly Denmark on a regular basis and made a lot of connections with the shadiest of people.

In 2020 the band got a proposal from Danish label Mighty Music and decided to step it up a notch and this brings us up to date…

The composition process for “Alpha Beast, Omega Beast”, the new Turbocharged record, has, if anything, secluded more the band in their rehearsal room and injected a renewed pace and grittiness in their sound and an even more disappointed hate dose into their lyrics. Twelve tracks were recorded, where thrash, punk and everything in between collides as a human head smashed against a wall over and over again. It’s Turbocharged as we know it, but more punk, more metal. The Motörhead and Venom power-trio legacy is well preserved in “Alpha Beast, Omega Beast”, along with a few Discharged and Exploited hints, but it’s not even that which makes the new Turbocharged such an urgent callout for the misfits of the dying societies of the world. It’s the way totally underground, DIY and fuck-off attitude, totally relatable to the hateful generation. Ronnie Ripper, the thunderous bassist and vocalist, keeps exactly the same attitude when describing the album: “It’s not too bad but don’t expect wonders from these fatties”. 

“Alpha Best, Omega God” is out now on digital, CD, and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) via Emanzipation Productions.

Ronnie Ripper: Bass / Lead vocals
Old Nick: Guitar
Freddie Fister: Drums / vocals