Ensaguinate is Slovenia’s putrid entry into the death metal grimoire of old, performing sinister sounds inspired by Possessed, Morbid Angel, Grotesque and Nihilist, along with a somber tinge of black metal. The mission statement behind Ensanguinate is to play death metal with an occult 80’s atmosphere that adheres to the original morbid vision of the genre before it experienced mainstream appeal. All of these traits are encapsulated within the group’s catchy and pummeling debut EP, “Entranced by Decay”, featuring four songs of fast, abrasive death, that will be released by Emanzipation in May.

Formed in 2020, Ensanguinate originally released “Entranced By Decay” as a demo to positive reviews in August 2020. Four tracks of blistering death metal described by US heavily trafficked website No Clean Singing as “An electrifying, neck-cracking romp packed with jittery and jolting fretwork as well as monstrous echoing growls and livid howls”.

In addition to garnering online praise, Ensanguinate has also managed to navigate the global plague and perform live; the band is looking to hit the road as soon as the pandemic lets up and is already hard at work on their debut LP to be released by Emanzipation Productions.

Andrej Čuk – guitars, vocals
Jaka Črešnar – guitars
Miha Šinigoj – bass
Rok Lukavečki – drums


Tardus Mortem


Tardus Mortem is a Blackened-Death metal band from funen Denmark, which sole purpose is to suffocate the listener in ominous tales of Christ and providence by using their instruments to create morbid melodies enchanting the impending Armageddon. The band consists of Dennis Strømberg, age 20 (ex-Black Tritonus ex-Human Mutilation, Apocalyptic Frost, Rancid Pus) on drums and vocals, Lasse Usbeck Andresen, age 22 (ex-Ilumize, ex- Human Mutilation) on guitar and vocals and Christian Baier Rasmussen, age 22 (ex-Error 404 ex-Dark Marshall) on bass and vocals.

Forming back in 2015 with Strømberg, Jonas Jørgensen on bass and Christian Stahl on drums, this lineup only produced one demo the “Reincarnated Through Bloodshed” demo, before the lineup fell apart. Through the years 2016 and 2017 Dennis created and recorded the “As Life Ends” demo, with the goal of continuing the band in a darker and more desolate style of death metal.

The “reformation” came in 2017, where Dennis switched to drums and Lasse and Christian joined the band on guitar and bass. The intention was to create music that echoes the bowels of hell. By using lower tuned guitars, guttural hymns, and intense drums. That vision has remained since then in the band. Though the “Engulfed in Pestilent Darkness” album, the hymns have only gotten more desolate and Apocalyptic. Which has come across the few concerts the band has played from 2017 to now. And that comes across on the forthcoming album.

Dennis Kruse Strømberg: drums, vocals
Lasse Usbeck Andresen: guitars, vocals
Christian Baier Rasmussen: bass, vocals


Shiny Daggers


Blistering skies above the majestic landscapes in a cloud of misty woods, Shiny Daggers enter the unholy world of Nordic Metal. Fire souls, darkness unite, as the devil inside unlocks lurking spirits in a fascination of sexual lust and strangulation.

Shiny Daggers sharpen its teeth and penetrate deep with bloodred hatred in a vicious battle to protect the values of Nordic Metal And Culture.

Repeat again, again & again. Necro, Necro, Necro. Come to me in death, naked and wide open. Desecrate, and love your hate, don’t suffocate on your own fate.

Come to me. Look at them kick. The devil inside. Every single one of us. To hell…..

Logo by Tørchel


Obesitus Shreddius: strings
Monachos: battery
Arkan The Black: keys
Galeopithecus: howls



Solstice was formed in 1990 by Rob Barrett, Alex Marquez, and Dennis Munoz in Miami, Florida. Soon after their first demo, the band signed to Steamhammer/SPV, the German label that released their first two albums. However, after Rob left to join Cannibal Corpse and with Alex increasingly busy with Malevolent Creation and Demolition Hammer, the band went into a long hiatus. After a few hints to reunite, the third album finally saw the light of day in 2009. Now, powered with the new blood brought by Taylor and Marcel Salas, Solstice is back in full force, with an impressive display of power in the form of the fourth album, “Casting The Die”.

Ryan Taylor: vocals, guitar
Alex Marquez: drums
Dennis Munoz: guitar
Marcel Salas: bass


Wayward Dawn


Hailing from the soil of Skanderborg, Denmark, Wayward Dawn play gritty, primal and utterly nasty death metal. The band drags you into a world of vicious nihilism and assaults you with grimy bass, cavernous drums and downtuned guitars played through classic Marshall amps. Venomous words of human and societal decay complete the picture with savage roars, abysmal growls and rotten shrieks.

Since their formation in October 2015, Wayward Dawn have, among other things, played at Aalborg Metal Festival, UHØRT Festival and SPOT Festival, and supported bands like Nailed to Obscurity (DE), Blood Red Throne (NO) and BAEST (DK). With mentions in prominent magazines such as Metal Hammer and GAFFA, the band is known for its hyper-energetic live shows with constant use of the windmill headbanging technique and manic interaction with the audience.

With the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “Soil Organic Matter” in 2018 and more than 40 gigs in Denmark and Germany, Wayward Dawn have slowly but surely crawled their way up from the underground to spread the word of their filthy death metal.

After signing with Danish record label Mighty Music, Wayward Dawn released their sophomore album “Haven of Lies” on April 10th, 2020. The album was met with widespread acclaim and entered the official Danish vinyl chart as #25.

Already the same year as the latest release “Haven of Lies”, the band is back with two-song release “House of Mirrors”, set to be released digitally via Emanzipation Productions on December 11th and on cassette via Molten Face Records. The release is, like the two previous albums, recorded and produced by Jacob Bredahl in Dead Rat Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Nails, Full of Hell).

Jakob Kristensen: Guitar
Rasmus Johansen: Guitar/Vocals
Kasper Szupienko Petersen: Bass/Vocals
Lukas Nysted: Drums




STASS is the death metal vehicle for Felix Stass, of the mighty german gothmetal giants Crematory.

The band was formed after Felix and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, etc) met at a show, and later collaborated on a song for one of Rogga’s other bands.

After this the need to make more music together arose and the debut album “The Darkside” came in 2017, showcasing dark and melodic death metal.

For the following album, however, Felix had another idea though, and wanted to go full-on dirty but massive old-school death metal. Still melodic but with the groove and grit from the old Swedish sound both in songrwriting and in the albums sound.

The result is “Songs Of Flesh And Decay”, heavily leaning towards the old Sunlight Studio sound and with songs that are both heavy and catchy. To be released on January 2021 via Emanzipation.

Felix Stass – Vocals (CREMATORY)
Kjetil Lynghaug – Lead guitars (MORDENIAL)
Thomas Ohlsson – Drums (APOSTASY)



Creeping Flesh


Established in Swedish Death Metal haven Gothenburg in 2013, Creeping Flesh started on a mission to play old school death metal in the style of bands such as Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Obituary, mixed with Swedish melody and sound.

One year later, their first release, the EP “Unravelled by War” (2014) firmly established the sound of the band. The release was soon to be followed by two more EPs; “Rising Terror” (2015) and “Scorched” (2016).

Formed by William Persson Öberg, Sofus Stille, Martin Kadhammar (also in Strykjärn), Robert Karlsson (ex-Misfire), and Conny Nyberg, the band did several successful live shows, including a debut gig at Gothenburg Deathfest in 2015, and a tour of England in 2017.

Following the departure of bass player Conny Nyberg, friend of the band Korp Thidrandir joined to complete the lineup, and saw the band play bigger stages with festival shows at both House of Metal and Gefle Metal Festival in Sweden. After two years of intense song writing they released their first full length album “Into the Meat Grinder” in September of 2019.

Creeping Flesh are currently writing their second full length album, and are planning for a 2021 release.

William Persson Öberg: guitar
Sofus Stille: guitar
Martin Kadhammar: drums
Robert Karlsson: vocals
Korp Thidrandir: bass

Official Site
Apple Music



Shadowspawn is a Danish death-metal act with old school death and thrash metal influences. With a cocktail of traditional death metal, thrash and technical metal, Shadowspawn comes your way with aggressive and powerful riffs in a groovy metal blend. The band was formed in November 2012. And shortly after releasing a 4-track Promo in 2014, Shadowspawn signed a deal with US label HPGD Productions securing the release of the first official album entitled “Ashes Of Sorrow”, released on February 2015.

Keeping the momentum up, the group released the full-length album “Hope Lies Dormant” in November 2017. Critics have received this album very well, and the notable metal magazine Heavymetal.dk announced it “Danish album of the year 2017”. The album featured 11 tracks of pure groovy death and thrash metal!

Now, Shadowspawn has signed a deal with renowned Danish label Emanzipation Productions, and are working on the third instalment, an album entitled “The Biology of Disbelief”, due to be released 2020/early 2021.

First single off that record is already out now, entitled “Condemned Eternity”.

Bue T. Jensen: vocals
Nicolai Cheung: guitars
Oliver Ragnar Larsen: guitars
Kelvin Dam: bass
Danni L. Jelsgaard: drums




One of the most important US death metal bands alongside Deicide & Morbid Angel, Brutality  from Tampa, Fl. has been devastating the underground since 1986

In 1988 they released their first demo “Brutality” which gained them recognition in the underground fanzines.

Their 2nd demo “Dimension Demented” was recorded in 1990 releasing a 7-inch EP on Gore Records called “Hell on Earth”.

1991 saw the release of “Metamorphosis” a cassette EP that received worldwide distribution on Wild Rags Records.

After necessary lineup changes in 1992, the band propelled forward and into the studio to record a new demo. The band utilized this demo to shop for a record deal and found interest from many different labels. They signed with Nuclear Blast Records and released a 2-song, 7-inch EP called “Sadistic”.

Brutality’s first album “Screams of Anguish” was released in 1993. They toured with Hypocrisy in Europe and crushed venues with their dark metal riffs.

The bands 2nd album “When the Sky Turns Black” was released in 1994. The release of “When the Sky Turns Black” spawned a European wide venture where they toured with Bolt Thrower & Cemetery.

With continued efforts to improve their sound and direction, additional lineup changes were made in 1995 and they started writing their 3rd album “In Mourning”. This, their 3rd and most recent album was released in 1996.

After years of success Brutality’s band members decided to disband, to pursue personal gain with family and their careers.

All three of Brutality albums were re-mastered and released in 2008 on Metal Mind Productions with unreleased bonus tracks.

Mid 2012 Brutality reformed and released the EP “Ruins Of Humanity” on CD in the US and on 7″ep vinyl in Europe through Mighty Music.

The comeback album “Sea Of Ignorance” was released in the States and South America through the band’s own label in 2016. In May 2017 the album did finally get a proper release through Mighty Music in Europe on CD, LP and digital.

Come May 2019 and the band announced a new record deal with Emanzipation Productions.


Scott Reigel – vocals
Jeff Acres – bass/vocals
Jay Fernandez – guitar
Jarrett Pritchard – guitar
Ronnie Parmer – drums   




Toxaemia has been around since January 1989, one of the pioneering bands of Swedish death metal. They made some line-up changes but the core is still intact. In three years the band has managed to record two demos and two 7” Eps. Unfortunately, Toxaemia never released the second EP, since they played and released material until 1992 when, for various reasons, took a break. It just happened they practiced less and less and eventually, it just stopped. Life stepped in and all the members left Motala. It was to be 25 years before they were all back living in the same town again. Once that happened it didn’t take them long to reform!

Toxaemia reformed in 2017 and started playing some old tunes and writing new material. Initially, it was all just to have some laughs and play some music again. The band members took it all slow and started rehearsing a little bit. Slowly they started to gel again musically. Some of the musicians had not touched their instruments since 1992 when they quit playing.

In September 2018 Toxaemia got an offer to play a local Extreme Metal Festival – Bomber Fest (Winter Edition) in thir hometown Motala on the 29th of December. This was the spark needed to light the fire in their hearts. They wrote three new songs and relearned some old tunes, and started practicing like crazy. But still, there was something missing and mid-November was when their new lead guitar player Rasmus Axelsson joined Toxaemia.

The 29th of December came and they were set to Headline a four-day festival, and after what felt like a very long day. They took the stage just before midnight and released all the band’s energy and soul into the set in front of a sold-out Bomber Bar in Motala. After this Dennis Johansson joined the band on vocals as they commited to being the best Toxaemia they could possibly can. About two weeks before Scandinavia Deathfest they found out that their friend and drummer Emil could not perform with them anymore. This was a decision not taken lightly and no shadow will fall on Emil, all the band stand behind him in that. So the five-piece managed to secure the services of Perra Karlsson on drums.

Currently, Toxaemia is open for bookings and they are in the process of recording their first album.

Stevo Bolgakov: guitar, vocals
Pontus Cervin: bass
Rasmus Axelsson: lead guitar
Dennis Johansso: vocals
Per ”Perra” Karlsson: drums


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