“Introtyl” is composed of the words “In” & “trotyl” (Trinitrotoluene, TNT) meaning “To be inside dynamite”. Composed only by women, the Mexican band started to performing shows in 2010 with a little set of four original songs and three covers (“Bolt Thrower’s “Cenotaph”, Hypocrisy’s “Killin’Art” & Napalm Death’s “Unnecessary Evil). While composing and recording their first demo, the girls began to play concerts through Mexico in many cities in late 2011, all of them crowded and from then on- sharing the stage with many Mexican bands but also international bands such as Severe Torture, Unleash The Archers, Gorguts, Nervosa, Jungle Rot, Cattle Decapitation Suffocation, etc. In 2011 the first demo was released while the girls were already working on new songs and finally, in 2013, a debut album (“Several Sates Of Violence”) was recorded and released.

Even if Introtyl had several lineup changes, causing some delays in their next releases (two EPs released in 2014 and 2017), in 2018 the band worked hard focusing on the international market. In January 2018, their second album “Creation of Insanity” was recorded and released in Mexico City in July with a sold-out show. The band was invited to the Canadian fest“Trois Rivieres Metal Fest” and, once again, shared the stage with international bands, having a great acceptance and consolidated as a “Revelation band of the fest 2018”, according to TRMF press and fans.

Since August 2018 Introtyl covered tour dates between Mexico, United States (Chicago & New York) and toured once again in November to Canada with Exotoxic, having around 11 tour dates from Ontario to New Scotland with big success because of the fan base they have reached.

During the pandemic, Introtyl continued to play festivals in Mexico whenever it was possible, consolidating their strong presence in the Mexican death metal scene due their long path, music and quality performs. Now, a new chapter for the Mexican girls opens, with a new record deal signed with Danish underground extreme metal label Emanzipation Productions. The next album, titled “Adfectus”, will be released on April 29th, 2022.

Aniela Rodriguez – drums
Kary Ramos – vocals
Rose Contreras – guitar
Sariux Rivera – bass