Maceration started as a project of two Invocator members (Jakob Schultz and Jacob Hansen), joined by Rune Hansen and Lars Bangsholt. They are regarded as the first band playing death metal in Denmark and their debut live gig, opening for Darkthrone (still playing death metal back then) in 1990 is a piece of the Scandinavian genre, that went straight to tape (“Official Live Tape 1990”) and was heavily traded by avid death metal fans since then.

On their debut album A Serenade of Agony” Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath) did the vocals using his famous pseudonym Day Disyraah. Dan Swanö and Jacob Hansen left the band after the CD was released. Lars Bangsholt and Jakob Schultz got a new line-up and played several shows in Denmark and Holland with acts such as Gorguts, Blasphemy, Dominus, Deadhead, Konkhra etc., until the band eventually split up in 1993. 

In 2021, however, there were some signs of life for Maceration again. Their mythical 1990 live gig opening for Darkthrone was the subject of a book (“Incombustible Remains (Dengang Darkthrone Spillede Koncert I Esbjerg I 1990”, written by Danish author Benni Bødker), that was released together with a CD featuring the live recordings of that night, remastered by Marco Angioni at Angioni Studios. Shortly after, a limited vinyl reissue of the live recordings, titled “Live Disfigurements”, was also released. A new studio album is confirmed to be released in 2022 as well, with original members Jakob Schultz and Lars Bangsholt featured in the recording line-up.

Shortly, after a reissue of their only album so far, “A Serenade Of Agony”, was also announced. It was be released on CD, limited vinyl and digital formats, with the CD including some amazing 11 bonus tracks, from the band’s unofficial 1990 rehearsal tape tracks, the 1990 demo tracks and two unreleased live songs.

In September 2022 the news spread like a wildfire: Maceration has recorded a new studio album, featuring again the mighty Dan Swanö as a singer, and was fully back to action. “It Never Ends…” is out now, released on 25.11.2022. 

The live Maceration lineup is comprised of original Maceration members, lead guitarist Jakob Schultz (ex-Invocator) and rhythm guitarist Lars Bangsholt. The new line-up features also bass player Robert Tengs, drummer Rasmus Schmidt (Illdisposed, ex- Myrkur) and singer Jan Bergmann Jepsen (ex-Cor Vacante), who also sings on the album, on the title track and on the song “Tender Twigs Of Innocence”, together with Swanö.