Pitchblack was born in Denmark in 2002 and, after a couple of demos well-received by the underground, released their debut album “Designed To Dislike” in 2007. In that same year the band was awarded with the Metal debut album of the year by MTV’s Danish Metal Awards.

Fast forward to 2010. The sophomore album “The Devilty” – their first for Mighty Music – was released, with Mercyful Fate’s HankSherman as guest playing a solo one of the tracks. The cover of the record was considered too bloody for the German authorities and was banned in that country. The attention brought by all this, together with the dirty in-your-face death/thrash metal, with obvious references to Swedish death metal, made Pitchblack debut in one of the most important stages in Denmark: Copenhell. This debut as made in 2011.

In the following year, “The Download” EP was released, because the band go the chance to play in the mythical Download Festival.

2020 will be the year of the third Pitchblack album. Named “Death & Disbelief”, it should keep applying to all The Haunted, At The Gates, Entombed and Dismember fans with a soft spot for aggressive catchiness and surprising hooks.

Storm: guitars
Daniel: vocals
Schou: drums
Dag: bass