Forged in the desolate lands of Cumbria in the North West of England, Repulsive Vision sought to inject the relentless energy of punk into the merciless musicianship of OSDM to create a cacophonous amalgamation of Entombed, Carcass and Death with Discharge, Nausea and DRI.

Following the release of their debut album (“Look Past The Gore and See The Art”, Mighty Music) in 2017, the band have been prominently active on the underground extreme metal circuit performing all over mainland Europe and the United States (including performances at the following festivals: Hammerfest, Vagos Metal Fest, The Siege of Limerick, Las Vegas Death Fest, Goathell Metal Festival, etc), receiving positive reviews in several worldwide publications, garnering over 68k plays on Spotify and gathering a global fanbase.

In 2020, the band intend to provide 13 more tracks of unbridled aggression with their sophomore release, “Necrovictology” on Emanzipation Productions. Once again, composed and compiled by Matt Davidson (Guitars), Dan McEwan (Vocals), Mark Kirby (Bass) and Gary Young (Drums), Necrovictology builds upon the punk fueled foundations of the debut, progressing their material both sonically and musically, advancing in speed, clarity and technicality. A vicious 40-minute presentation of Old School Death featuring special guest performances from Phil “LandPhil” Hall (Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan), Max Otero (Mercyless), and more.

With performances planned throughout the continent (including slots in Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, etc), Repulsive Vision are planning to branch out further into the global extreme metal scene throughout 2020/21. 

Matt Davidson: guitars, vocals
Danny McEwan: vocals
Gary Young: drums
Mark Kirby: bass