Tardus Mortem is a Blackened-Death metal band from funen Denmark, which sole purpose is to suffocate the listener in ominous tales of Christ and providence by using their instruments to create morbid melodies enchanting the impending Armageddon. The band consists of Dennis Strømberg, age 20 (ex-Black Tritonus ex-Human Mutilation, Apocalyptic Frost, Rancid Pus) on drums and vocals, Lasse Usbeck Andresen, age 22 (ex-Ilumize, ex- Human Mutilation) on guitar and vocals and Christian Baier Rasmussen, age 22 (ex-Error 404 ex-Dark Marshall) on bass and vocals.

Forming back in 2015 with Strømberg, Jonas Jørgensen on bass and Christian Stahl on drums, this lineup only produced one demo the “Reincarnated Through Bloodshed” demo, before the lineup fell apart. Through the years 2016 and 2017 Dennis created and recorded the “As Life Ends” demo, with the goal of continuing the band in a darker and more desolate style of death metal.

The “reformation” came in 2017, where Dennis switched to drums and Lasse and Christian joined the band on guitar and bass. The intention was to create music that echoes the bowels of hell. By using lower tuned guitars, guttural hymns, and intense drums. That vision has remained since then in the band. Though the “Engulfed in Pestilent Darkness” album, the hymns have only gotten more desolate and Apocalyptic. Which has come across the few concerts the band has played from 2017 to now. And that comes across on the new album, “Armageddon”, released on Emanzipation on November 2021.

Dennis Kruse Strømberg: drums, vocals
Lasse Usbeck Andresen: guitars, vocals
Christian Baier Rasmussen: bass, vocals