Fed-up with the entire trend flooding the scene, Nervochaos was born in São Paulo – Brazil in the spring of 1996, with the idea of creating aggressive and chaotic extreme music.

Nervochaos gained cult status in the music scene due to their hard work over the past 25 years, offering a sonic extravaganza in their unique way. The group has eight full-length studio albums out and is constantly touring worldwide to support their releases, doing around 100 concerts per year – from clubs to festivals.

In 2021 the band signed a record deal with EMZ and announced a new studio album, titled “All Colours Of Darkness”, which was released on February 11th, 2022.

As soon as the world opened up from Covid-19 restrictions, NervoChaos jumped to the road again, touring extensively in Europe, North and South America. Still, the band had time to write and record a new full-length album, titled “Chthonic Wrath”, produced by Addasi Adassi and Adriano Daga (Angra, Almah, Torture Squad, etc) and mixed/mastered by Brendan Duffey, which worked previously with Nervosa, Angra and Andre Matos – to name just a few. “Chthonic Wrath” was released on March 31st 2023.

Vic Ferreira – vocal
Hareton Salvanini – baixo
Allan Marcus – guitarra
Rodrigo Augusto – guitarra
Edu Lane – bateria

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