Frozen Sun

It all started back in 1990, when guitar player Michael Kopietz got to know the singer Kenny Nielsen. They both lived in the countryside outside Aarhus, and Kenny introduced Michael to Bo Summer (Illdisposed), with whom they started a metal band in the local youth club. Bo and Michael had actually ridden BMX together in Skanderborg BMX club at the sweet age of eight years.

Back then, Bo played bass, Kenny sang and Michael played the guitar myself. After a while, that band stopped, and it all moved to Aarhus, where they met Nick Jensen who played in a band called Hosts Of Chaos, which Kenny and Michael joined. They rehearsed in a rented house in Brabrand with an old band called Motor Rahm. In this band, Frozen Sun

drummer Morten Rahm later played with Bo Summer and Lasse Bak (Illdisposed).

After some time and some replacements, Frozen Sun emerged from the band Hosts OfcChaos. Illdisposed was formed from Motor Rahm and Slasher, where Bo had started singingcand Illdisposed’s old drummer Michael Enevoldsen (also in Panzerchrist) thrashed barrels. The story is perhaps a bit confusing, but the result was that bands like Frozen Sun,

Illdisposed and Exmortem emerged.

In 1992 the group recorded their first demo called ‘Ancient Tombs’. However, it was never released. In 1993 they decided to record their then ‘cult demo’ “Defect Dimension Of Souls” at Borsing Recording. Bo Summer had just recorded Illdisposed’s first CD at Borsing Recording, and he thought Frozen Sun should definitely be on the second volume of “Fuck You We’re From Denmark” compilation He contacted Progress Records and Frozen Sun was shown the reason why that CD was released with a week’s time.

In 1995 Frozen Sun asked Tue Madsen if he would like to produce their “Promo’95”. Tue did not yet have his own studio, so the band rented a mixer and accessories and went up to their rehearsal room and started the drum recordings. Guitar and vocals were recorded in Michael’s old apartment by Viby J.

In 1996, the collective recorded their debut CD “Dimensions” at Borsing Recording, and got Tue to mix. It was a tough process, but the result was that Jacob Hansen and his start-up record company Serious Entertaintment released Frozen Sun’s record debut in August of the same year.

After replacing the bassist Henrik Kopietz, Frozen Sun got Tomas O’beast from Mnemic, and they recorded “Promo ’97” with Ziggy behind the buttons in Studio C. It was a really exciting time for Frozen Sun. The band remembers there was Testament at the House (Now Voxhall) and that they were actually drunk with Chuck Billy. In that process, they got him persuaded to go to the studio to record some vocals, but unfortunately Ziggy was too drunk.

After that, the remaining band members decided to stop. But the story will continue. Soon…