Euthanasia was formed in 1990 in the Italian city of Caldera di Reno, near Blologna. In 1992 they released their first demo-tape “Wormeaten”, that got them a lot of attention in the death metal underground scene. After they were offered a few worthless deals, they recorded two songs for a 7” EP for Seraphic Decay Records, but the label ripped them off. They then recorded the “Promo ’93” and got one of the songs to be featured in the “Grind Core” compilation, released by Nuclear Blast. It was then that Emanzipation Productions decided to offer the band a cassette-EP deal.

The “Cassete EP 1994” saw the light of day in April 1994, in a limited edition of 500 copies. The tape was very well received by the fans and underground press, and the first edition was soon sold-out. Terrorizer Magazine wrote “Fast controlled death metal to batter your senses. A very good tape, and professionally put out”. A new edition was made but, a year after, Euthanasia disbanded, having quickly returned, but this time without long time member and vocalist Manuele Bruno, which was then in Electrocution. Instead, Andrea Zaine (Iconoclast, Monumentum, etc) took care of the vocals.

Sadly, this new line-up didn’t last as well, and soon the band parted ways forever. Still, the “Cassette EP 1994” remains as their legacy and one of the true documented proofs of the Italian death metal force of the early 90’s.

(Last) line-up:
Fabio Stanzani: bass
Davide F. Zanarini: drums
Andrea Raffaele: guitars
Andrea Zaine: vocals
Massimo Gavina: guitars