It all began in 1990 and the following year, when “Deathbreed”, the demo tape, saw the light of day. When Detest recorded it, the  owner of the studio did not understand their music at all, so the band produced and mixed it by themselves. It got a really good reception and Detest got a gig at Roskilde Festival as the first Danish death metal band on the next biggest stage. In the fall of 1993, it was a dance in the studio again and “Dorval”, released by Progress Red Labels, was recorded and it got even more publicity.

After the release of this acclaimed-by-reviews album, things went really well for the Danish band, with lots of concerts and everything went as it should, until they eventually got way too much of everything that was wrong, namely booze and drugs. The members suddenly got very different ambitions and there were a lot of fights about how the music should sound, so in 1996 the party ended and Detest split up.

In 2014, Detest reunited to some concerts and it went well, but the other band members didn’t want it to happen as much as guitarist John Petersen. So the following years were spent on recruiting and testing new members who could conduct and pass on Detest in the right way. As a result of that work, 2018 was a more hard hitting and focused Detest year than ever before, as John did neither drink nor take drugs anymore.

Then in 2019 the EP “A Moment Of Love” came out and it was very well received by the Danish metal press. At that time, John got really much blood on the tooth and had lots of firewood so the fire could burn with really big flames. Finally, in 2021, Detest got on track for an album No. two at last. “We Will Get What We Deserve” was released in December 2021.

John Petersen: guitar
Simon Springborg: vocals, bass
Danni Jelsgaard.: drums