The Finish combo known as Charon were spawned into this world by Antti Karihtala (drums), Teemu Hautamaki (bass), Pasi Sipila & Jasse Hast (guitars) in the year of 1992. The following yeas were spent rehearsing and releasing demos, from which the third one – “Pilgrimage” – was released in 1995. Shortly after, the new vocalist J-P Leppaluoto was recruited to the group.

After a few labels shopping, Emanzipation Productions signed Charon and in 1998 the debut album from the Finish combo, entitled “Sorrowburn”, was released, to much acclaim in the underground press. Only one year after, the second album “Tearstained” saw the light of day and Charon catapulted into fame, doing a spring tour with Sentenced in Finland and eventually signing a new record deal to Spinefarm Records.

In the following decade, the band turned into a household name in the strong European heavy/gothic metal scene. However, three albums later, the Charon disbanded in June 2011 and, although a brief return in 2015 (for This Is Halloween Festival, together with The 69 Eyes and To/Die/For), the group returned to an indefinite hiatus, where it’s still today.

(Last) line-up:
Teemu Hautamäki: bass
Antti Karihtala: drums
Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto: vocals
Lauri Tuohimaa: guitars