Centinex was formed around September/October 1990 and a rehearsal tape was recorded in March of the next year. In July the band entered Sunlight studios and recorded the “End Of Life” demo tape which then led to a deal with Swedish Underground Records. In 1992 the “Subconscious Lobotomy” CD was recorded at Sunlight studios during July and released in October. Great reviews in the press and the band made some gigs in both Sweden and Finland and, in early 1993, the second vocalist left the band and from that date Centinex continued with only one frontman.

A three track promo tape, “Under The Blackened Sky”, was recorded in March which Wild Rags Records released as a cassette EP. A second guitarist came into the band but was kicked out two months later because of personal problems. In 1994, a new second guitarist joined and a few months later Centinex entered Unisound studios to record the “Transcend The Dark Chaos” cassette EP. The band released the tape themselves but it was also licensed to polish Sphinx Records.

Come 1995… the drummer left Centinex and the band continued with a drum machine. Three new tracks were recorded at Abyss studios. Those, together with the “Transcend The Dark Chaos” tracks + one track from the “Under The Blackened Sky” tape, became the content of the “Malleus Maleficarum” CD, which was edited in April of the following year through Wild Rags Records. One of the tracks was also released on a split 7″ EP with Inverted. Centinex signed a deal with danish Emanzipation/Diehard and the Abyss studio was booked for October.

In 1997 the “Reflections” CD was released in March, later in the year the album was also licensed to Slovakian Rock Extremum Records for a tape version. “Reflections” was a key point in Centinex career, who continue to dominate the death metal scene in Europe until they eventually disbanded in 2006. But life has it’s turns and, in 2014, bassist/founding member Martin Schulman announced he was reforming the band, after which Centinex released three more full-length albums.

Martin Schulman: bass
Jörgen Kristensen: guitars
Henrik Andersson: vocals
Florian Rehn: drums