One of the most important US death metal bands alongside Deicide & Morbid Angel, Brutality  from Tampa, Fl. has been devastating the underground since 1986

In 1988 they released their first demo “Brutality” which gained them recognition in the underground fanzines.

Their 2nd demo “Dimension Demented” was recorded in 1990 releasing a 7-inch EP on Gore Records called “Hell on Earth”.

1991 saw the release of “Metamorphosis” a cassette EP that received worldwide distribution on Wild Rags Records.

After necessary lineup changes in 1992, the band propelled forward and into the studio to record a new demo. The band utilized this demo to shop for a record deal and found interest from many different labels. They signed with Nuclear Blast Records and released a 2-song, 7-inch EP called “Sadistic”.

Brutality’s first album “Screams of Anguish” was released in 1993. They toured with Hypocrisy in Europe and crushed venues with their dark metal riffs.

The band’s 2nd album “When The Sky Turns Black” was released in 1994. The release of “When The Sky Turns Black” spawned a European-wide venture where they toured with Bolt Thrower & Cemetery.

With continued efforts to improve their sound and direction, additional lineup changes were made in 1995 and they started writing their 3rd album “In Mourning”. This, their 3rd and most recent album was released in 1996.

After years of success Brutality’s band members decided to disband, to pursue personal gain with family and their careers.

All three of Brutality albums were re-mastered and released in 2008 on Metal Mind Productions with unreleased bonus tracks.

Mid-2012 Brutality reformed and released the EP “Ruins Of Humanity” on CD in the US and on 7″ep vinyl in Europe through Mighty Music.

The comeback album “Sea Of Ignorance” was released in the States and South America through the band’s own label in 2016. In May 2017 the album did finally get a proper release through Mighty Music in Europe on CD, LP and digital.

Come May 2019 and the band announced a new record deal with Emanzipation Productions.

In October 2020, however, the band announced they were going to split up. Emanzipation Productions got in touch right away to see if Brutality were interested in releasing a “swansong” album before they were done for good. The band was renitent at the beginning but were slowly convinced to work on a new release, amidst all Covid madness. Two new songs were already written, to which Brutality added two old tracks, re-recorded in 2018 for a limited self-released 7″ EP. To complete the release, four tracks recorded live at the Maryland Death Fest in 2019 were also added. The final result is “Sempiternity”, the new Brutality record, released in May 2022. Will it be their last? 


Scott Reigel – vocals
Jeff Acres – bass/vocals
Jay Fernandez – guitar
Jarrett Pritchard – guitar
Ronnie Parmer – drums