Arsenic Addict is a murderous death metal band from Odense, Denmark, inspired by the darkest insanity lurking in the minds of man. Fleshy riffs invite to bloodshed and thunderous blastbeats explode frail skulls while ominous melodic passages tighten the grip around the neck and won’t let go before it’s too late. The gory tales of molestation and decaying corpses delivered in aggressive growl complete the soundtrack for your next killing.

Arsenic Addict is a solid live-act and was selected for the Wacken Metal Battle Denmark 2019. Their full-length debut album “Deviant Perception of Death” was mixed by Lasse Ballade from Ballade Studios and released last year. 

Claus Andersen: lead guitar & backing vocals
Ryan Kristensen: rhythm guitar
Brian Bentzen: bass
Lasse Hansen: drums
Sonja Rosenlund: vocals